Elite Ultimate Privilege


Top of the line in Thailand Elite Membership.

Elite Ultimate Privilege
Membership Foreigner
Member Validity 20 years
Member Fee THB2,000,000(VAT excl.)
Family Member None
Transfer One time
Transfer fee 20% Prevailing rate
Annual Fee THB200,000(VAT excl.)
Age Over 20
Visa 5 year – Renewable
Airort Service Yes
Arrival Lounge Yes
Short Haul Transfer Service
(International Flight only)
Long Haul Transfer Service None
Golf 24times/year
Spa 24times/year
Annual Health Check 1time/Year
Discount Yes
member Contact Center Yes
Government Concierges Yes
90 day report yes
Upgrade None

Download of application for Elite Ultimate Privilege.

Application for Elite Ultimate Privilege



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